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One Missing Ingredient In Growing Twitter Account I Found After Went From 0 To 23,000 Followers

One Missing Ingredient In Growing Twitter Account I Found After Went From 0 To 23,000 Followers

Now, the puzzle is complete.

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·Apr 16, 2021·

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Building a Twitter audience is a road to failure without one thing.

What all “Twitter guides” tell you (saving you $100+):

  • Tweet high-quality content a couple of times per day
  • Engage with large accounts
  • Be always kind to your followers

Honestly, it’ll work.

Yet, you’ll fail.

“Why?” you probably asking.

Because you don’t want to build just an audience, it’s something else, am I right?

Your end goal is to build an audience that will help you to achieve your goals, not the audience itself.

Common goals I often see:

  1. Increase personal brand awareness
  2. Build distribution channel and sell digital products
  3. Networking

But without one thing, a huge amount of followers won’t help you to achieve your goals.

I learned it myself when I seriously started my audience-building journey in November 2020. I also blindly followed those “Twitter account growth” steps above. And the count of followers grew. But something was not right. I felt it.

You know, it’s like when you do something by instruction but still feeling that something is missing. I have exact same feeling after a couple of months of building a Twitter account. Just the inner feeling that I couldn’t find even with deep reflection sessions. The funny thing is that I knew exactly what I was missing, but I didn't realize it. I was blind. I think because I was just building an audience not “full time”. But anyway, when I finally found what I was missing and applied it, things started to get better. My inner feeling of “something not right here” disappeared.

So, what one thing did I miss?


When you're just building an audience, you're disconnected from them and they're disconnected from you. Yeah, your audience subscribed to you because you are posting something useful or viral, and maybe some people even like you, but I’m betting most of them don't trust you.


Because when you just build an audience with quality content and engaging with bigger accounts, you feel like another account that “growing here” for people. I can simply replace you with the good trained GPT-3 Twitter bot, and no one will understand that it’s a bot. People don’t trust such accounts anymore. Now stop! And re-read the previous sentence. Noticed this phrase? “people don’t trust such accounts” Getting the point? You are an “account” for them, not a person. That’s the problem. That’s why the audience doesn’t trust you. That’s why so many accounts showing up every day and have almost zero followers. That’s why big accounts can’t sell a thing to their audience. They are accounts and not persons.

Trust is the key.

Of course, high-quality content is needed, but without trust, you’ll just build an audience and not an audience that will help you achieve your goals.

“How to build that trust and the audience that trusts you?”

Good question.

Ask yourself, what makes you buy from [PASTE HERE YOUR FAVORITE PERSONAL BRAND]?

Like if you a fan of Kylie Jenner, what makes you buy Kylie Cosmetics? (my friend influenced this example)

What makes you trust Kylie that you actually go to her website and buy something from her?

I will answer for you, it’s her personality.

You somehow share her views, values, and many other things that make you want to be like her or just help her in some way. Because her personality resonates with you, you trust this person.

But how she built that trust?

By sharing her personality.

Sharing personal stories, views, and actions. You know about them, share them, and see that she is a real person because of them. And not just another IG account.

If Kylie Jenner would share with you only beautiful photos, would you trust her and her brand?

You will never buy a single item from her.

So, if you want to build a Twitter audience that will help you achieve your goals, you should build trust.

And the formula is simple: high-quality content + personality.

“Nick, if I have a Twitter account, how can I tell if I have trust or not?”

If you ask this question, you already lack it. But here’s the simple test:

Imagine that some random person creates an account on Twitter and starts posting your content. Will your followers found a difference between you and this person? If the answer is NO, then you lack trust.

Who knew that posting useful and high-quality content is not enough.

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